Hilmar Wagner, MPH, RDN, LN, CD

Presentation Title:

“Inviting The Body Back: When and How To Re-introduce Intuitive Eating in Eating Disorder Treatment ”

Presentation Overview:

Intuitive eating can be an important and effective method for recovery from an eating disorder (ED). However for most clients with ED such approach is not indicated until further along in their recovery process. This presentation will cover what is meant by intuitive eating, what all it encompasses, why it can be an effective adjunct to ED recovery efforts and when and how to assist clients in employing such an approach so support them in re-connecting them with their internal hunger and satiety cues.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Attendees will be able to delineate what is meant by intuitive eating, compare and contrast similar terms and approaches.
  2. Attendees will be able to discuss the barriers and contra-indications to the use of intuitive eating earlier on in ED treatment.
  3. Attendees will be able to describe how to know when a client might benefit from intuitive eating, how to implement and ways to know if its being successful.

Speaker Biography:

Hilmar Wagner is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN). Hilmar joined the Emily Program in 2006 and has served in a number of clinical and management roles, both at the site, regional and organization-wide levels. He currently serves as a Clinical Outreach Specialist. In this role Hilmar has presents on a wide range of eating disorder and related nutrition topics at local, regional, and national conferences. Hilmar has extensive experience working with clients of all eating disorder diagnoses. He has a particular interest in the application of mindfulness and body-centered, somatic approaches to the nutritional treatment of eating disorders.




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