Renewed Recovery Assistance Fund

The Renewed Recovery Assistance Fund has been a longtime dream of Renewed. Since it’s founding, Renewed staff and board of directors have dreamed of the day the organization would be able to help provide financial assistance to individuals and families in Tennessee affected by eating disorders. Thanks to the support of some generous donors who believe in the work and mission of Renewed, we are proud to say that our dream has become a reality in 2024. Our goal is to continue to grow the fund in years to come to be able to help even more individuals or families in need.

If you would like to make a gift to help us ensure future stability of the fund, please click here.

Please check out the details on the fund below, and be sure to let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at or 615-831-9838.

Mission of the Fund

The mission of the fund is to provide cash assistance for those impacted by eating disorders in Tennessee.

Areas Funded

The fund will consider helping cover the cost of various expenses related to the treatment of an eating disorder for an individual or a family member. We understand that expenses can pop up in all different areas during recovery so we encourage you to fill out the application to let us know how an award from our fund would best support you.

Award Amounts & Determinations

The award amounts of the fund will vary depending on need and funding available. The number of awards provided each award cycle will also vary depending on need and funding available.

Awards are determined by members of an anonymous Application Review Committee (“ARC”) which does not include Renewed staff or board of directors. The ARC blindly reviews applications each award cycle.

Types of Eating Disorders Covered

Any eating disorder recognized on the DSM-5 is eligible to be covered by the fund.

Criteria to Apply

In order to apply, one must be a Tennessee resident and meet the criteria for an eating disorder or be a parent/legal guardian who has a child with an eating disorder. One must also demonstrate true financial need, significant insurance barriers, and a commitment to recovery.

How & When to Apply

Award cycles are on an annual basis. The 2024 cycle will open July 15, 2024 and close August 15, 2024.

Applications are available by clicking on the appropriate link below. Please download and complete the application and send directly back to with the subject line “RRAF Application” by the deadline.

Please click here to apply if you are an individual applying for assistance for your own recovery.

Please click here to apply if you are parent/guardian applying for assistance for your child’s recovery.


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