The 14th Annual Renewed Eating Disorders Conference

The 14th Annual Renewed Eating Disorders Conference

On Friday, October 20, 2017, Renewed hosted its 14th annual Renewed Eating Disorders Conference in Nashville at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel. It was a great day full of learning and networking with both seasoned professionals in the field, as well as those brand new to the filed. Attendees had the opportunity to choose between two breakout sessions – the first geared toward the beginner/intermediate crowd and the second geared toward the intermediate/advanced crowd.

After a buffet-style breakfast and plenty of hot coffee, the day kicked off with an amazing keynote presentation from Dr. Ralph Carson, RD, PhD & Jenni Schaefer. Dr. Carson and Jenni presented on, “The Challenge of Treating Loss of Control Eating: It Is More Than Just BED.” Throughout their two hour presentation, attendees learned about therapeutic interventions that have been scientifically approved to effectively treat Binge Eating Disorder, techniques in designing an activity program for the BED and LOC population and reasons that indicate when a patient needs to be considered for a higher level of care in the treatment of binge eating disorder.

After the keynote presentation, attendees enjoyed a short break then headed into their first breakout sessions of the day.

Juli Agajanian, MA, LMFT, CEDS-S & Julia Cassidy, MS, RDN, CEDRDS presented on the topic of, “Food Support v. Food Police: Therapeutic Family Meals in the Treatment of Eating Disorders” for the beginner/intermediate crowd. Attendees learned about how to identify, utilize and explain eating disorder behaviors when they occur during a meal, how to process and problem-solving practical solutions to barriers to recovery in the home environment, and about the role of the therapist and dietitian in this collaborative, structured approach.

Meanwhile, Greg Holich, LPC, presented to the more experienced crowd on the topic of, “DBT and ACT: Blending Two Treatment Models for a Comprehensive Approach Towards Eating Disorders.” During this presentation, attendees gained knowledge about mindfulness from both an ACT and DBT perspective, reviewed the four modalities of DBT in the treatment of eating disorders, and gained insight towards practical interventions clinicians can use to address each of the six core skill areas of the ACT Hexa-Flex.

After the keynote presentation and morning breakout sessions, attendees enjoyed a buffet-style lunch. During lunch, attendees, sponsors, speakers and volunteers had a chance to mix and mingle with each other. It was a great opportunity to learn about resources in the local Middle Tennessee community as well as across the country with the sponsoring treatment centers.

Reba Sloan, MPH, LRD, FAED, kicked off the afternoon breakout sessions for the beginner/intermediate crowd with a presentation on, “Exploring the Complexities of Nutrition Therapy in an Outpatient Setting.” Attendees walked away from Reba’s presentation with the ability to identify the most common co-occuring medical or psychological issues in the eating disorder patient seeking nutrition therapy, understand the factors that would indicate the patient is no longer appropriate for outpatient level of care, and identify the ways in which the diet mentality complicates outpatient recovery work.

Just down the hall, Caroline Hartman, LPC-MHSP and Amy Mariaskin, PhD, presented to the intermediate/advanced crowd on, ““Exposure and Response Prevention in the Treatment of ARFID.” Attendees learned how to describe the diagnostic features and common comorbidities of ARFID, as well as the theoretical framework and rationale for use and exposure prevention in the treatment of ARFID.

After the first afternoon breakout sessions, attendees enjoyed a short break to visit with sponsors and network, and then it was on to the last breakout sessions of the day.

Dr. Gail Gnade, PhD, led the last breakout session for the beginner/intermediate crowd with a presentation on, “Utilization of Acceptance Commitment Therapy: Helping Clients Heal from an Eating Disorder.” During Dr. Gnade’s presentation, attendees learned about the basic theoretical underpinnings of ACT, the six core processes of ACT, the place of mindfulness in ACT and how and where to access continued resources regarding ACT.

For the intermediate/advanced crowd, Dr. Stephen Wright, LCPC, closed the day out with his presentation on, “Helping Clients Develop Gratitude and Purpose.” Attendees learned how to articulate the most relevant findings about research related to the impact of gratitude in recovery and how to conceptualize clients along a continuum of spiritual development from egocentric to altruistic.

The day wrapped up around 4pm. It was a full day of learning, networking, fellowship and joyous reunions. We couldn’t have asked for better attendees, speakers, sponsors or volunteers! We sincerely hope that you will join us again for the 15th annual Renewed Eating Disorders Conference next year in Music City – please stay tuned for the date in the near future!

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The Renewed Eating Disorders Conference would not be possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors.
Thank you to Center for Change, Fairhaven Treatment Center, Center for Discovery, Eating Recovery Center, Focus Treatment Centers, Laureate Eating Disorders Program, McCallum Place, Oliver-Pyatt Centers + Clementine Programs, River Oaks Hospital, Rogers Behavioral Health, The Ranch, The Renfrew Center, Timberline Knolls and Veritas Collaborative.