Topic Tuesday: Normality

MFox Photo“My New Normal” (By: Mackenzie Fox)

What is normal? When will I get back to ‘normal’? Does that ‘normal’ place even exist? Maybe not. Maybe this eating disorder has really changed my life path. I try to make a lot of conscious decisions to live life in the now, to stay present. Even when behaviors creep up from the past, I take a look around the place I currently am and become aware of this present that I’m living in. Some days that’s easy. Some days life is just so amazing that it’s an effortless dance throughout the day. Other days, just bringing my mind to the present is all the energy I can bare. Both are ok. You can’t expect life on the other side of recovery to just be rainbows. Some days are hard. Some days I become consumed with what I ‘should’ be doing. Being in recovery doesn’t mean you’ve magically fixed all the issues that led you to an eating disorder. It means that you’re more equipped to deal with the days that you honestly don’t like much about yourself or those days when it would be easier to revert back to behaviors. It is just about being able to take life one day at a time.

One habit I’ve taken on for myself is to compliment myself more. Every time I’m face to face with myself in the mirror, I tell myself something that I love about me. Sure, it can make for some awkward conversations if your friends hear you talking to yourself in the bathroom, but you will be amazed how much it changes your outlook. I spent a lot of my life looking in the mirror and hating what I saw. I dreaded it. When I was at the gym, I would look at myself as body parts rather than a whole person. How do my legs look? How about my arms? I need to color my hair. And get these eyebrows waxed. I think it’s something that we’ve all done at some point or another. But goodness, have you ever realized how much of a downer that can be?! I challenge you all to stop looking at yourself as segmented parts that aren’t good enough. Instead, remember to tell yourself all the amazing things about YOU! I mean, after all, you’ve been given this body and it can do amazing things. You can do absolutely amazing things.

About the Author

Mackenzie Fox is a Nashville native who is happy to share her stories of her eating disorder and recovery in hopes that she can help others. She spends her days weight lifting, mentoring high school students as they prepare for college and spending time with her two cats, Tonks and Maleficent. She is a total cat lady and goof ball who wants to show people that there is absolutely an amazing life after an eating disorder.