Topic Tuesday: Self-Worth

APatton“Priceless” (By: Andrea Patton)

As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder, I have often felt fat, ugly, worthless and unlovable. Changing my negative thoughts about myself and my negative self-talk has been a significant part of my recovery.

During this Easter season, I am reminded of what I once heard about value – that the value of something is determined by what someone will pay for it.  Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price for you and me by giving his life so that we might have abundant life in him.  He gave all that he could give for us.  To me, that means we are priceless!  According to Oxford Dictionary, something that is priceless is “so precious that its value cannot be determined.”  When I really think about that concept, it is almost too great to comprehend.  We are worth so much that our value cannot be determined!

When you start having those negative thoughts telling you that you are fat, you are ugly, you are worthless, you are unlovable, etc. speak back to them!  Say out loud “I am so precious that my value cannot be determined.” “I am beautiful.”  “I am significant.”  “My life matters.”  “I am priceless!”

About the Author

Andrea Patton is a grateful eating disorder survivor.  She works as a paralegal manager for a living, but her true passion is helping others who are suffering from eating disorders find recovery and helping all women come to truly believe how precious they are to God.  Andrea is thankful for the opportunities provided by Renewed, Eating Disorder Support to help her live her passion.  She is also thankful to God for helping her find recovery and thankful to her loving family and friends who patiently loved her through the recovery process.