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Courtney’s Counsel is a monthly blog by Renewed’s Clinical Director, Courtney Grimes, LCSW. Courtney aims to deliver relevant content by covering the latest trends and offering professional tips and advice. If you feel that you need personalized assistance, please contact the Renewed office at 615.831.9838. 

“Transitioning Back to School” (By: Courtney Grimes, LCSW)

Transition can be tough! Moving into a new school year can be hard on everyone – parents, teachers and kids. When it comes time for hurried breakfasts, packed lunches and on-the-go dinners, eating can really take a backseat to the semester demands. Here are a few tips to keep up healthy and appropriate eating habits:

1. Take It Slow. Fall schedules are always packed with activities. Between rehearsals and practices, the day can get away from you very fast. Try to plan ahead to sit down and eat your meals and snacks. Stay tuned in to your hunger and fullness cues to promote intuitive eating, and be mindful of your pace while eating as well.

2. Mirror, Mirror. Parents – be sure to mirror appropriate eating habits to your kids. Do not restrict your food, or promote a “diet mentality” around your kids – they will pick up on your behaviors and mimic them. Remember, there are no “good” or “bad” foods. All food is legal!

3. Kindness Counts. The way we speak to ourselves is the most important tool we have, and the best way we can take care of ourselves. Please remember to speak kindly to yourself, be gentle with the way you treat your body and remember we are all only human.

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About the Author

Courtney Grimes, LCSW, serves as the Clinical Director for Renewed. She was introduced to the organization in 2005 during her own recovery from an eating disorder and has been involved (and in love) with the organization ever since. Courtney attended the University of Georgia and graduated from Belmont University with a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in Opera Performance. After leaving the music industry, she went on to receive her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Tennessee. In addition to her work with Renewed, Courtney is a psychotherapist in private practice with Symmetry Counseling Services. She is originally from Atlanta, GA.