Topic Tuesday: Individuality

katie-adams“You Are Enough” (By: Katie Adams)

I cannot picture what ‘perfect’ would look like on me and that’s okay.

I have come to perceive the word ‘perfection’ as an idea that is constantly at war with our personal self-image.

‘Perfection’ mentally exhausts, it defeats, and empties our confidence from within us. However, sometimes in life, it’s hard to stop listening to our inner-critic. Our inner-critic is similar to a referee except it is living in your brain and shouts at you with negativity. It is the voice always counting your flaws, noticing stereotypes, and all the opinions leading to feeling disappointment and self- doubts. If you have let your inner-critic hurt you before, I am here to tell you that you
are not alone.

I have learned that the quality of life is much more valuable than the little voice in your head telling you ‘you are doing it all wrong’. The qualities that make you who you are should be expressed and you should embrace them. You are enough: Regardless of how mean your inner critic can be or how badly you wish to be ‘perfect’. Who you are holds more value than you would ever think.

Who you are as an individual in your heart and spirit is more valuable than what others can see on the outside. Things that make people judge us simply do not even matter; things like what you do for a living, the shoes that you wear, or the color of your hair, skin, or eye shadow, they are on the outside only.

However, our society is submerged with tons of comparisons we have between each other. We have images of what standards and expectations are of great ‘value’ to meet, we care what others see as ‘valuable’ and in return, we begin to question our own. It is very easy to see that sometimes we are portraying ourselves in media as our body, worth, and outside image is all we have of value. Then we start to question ourselves in comparison to others and our inner critic begins shouting again; is what we have to offer simply “enough”? This is not right but how do we avoid it?

I am here to tell you, you are enough. You are a uniquely appreciated individual and nobody is just like you, how cool is that?

You can escape your inner- critic by staying true to who you are. It’s important we see our well- being, spirit, heart, hopes and dreams, personal character, strengths and weaknesses. These are all much more valuable to who you are as a person than anybody could ever see from the outside. See your value that comes from within.

I see a lot of self worth and value in people who are not afraid of being their unique individual self. I think that being yourself and sharing your values by embracement is inspiring to others. It is empowering when a person’s uniqueness is appreciated and it is encouraging for others to seek more pride in who they are, too.

Being yourself never goes out of style, reflecting on and sharing who you are is courageous and admirable. Appreciating who you are brings out positive spirits, so do not ever let the world get in the way of that. No matter what your inner critic tells you or how much the world forces expectations and standards at us, you are more than enough.

Our spirits may not always show the world our personal life’s progress, it does not show our past, present, or our future, but it deserves some respect.

I encourage you to love and be loved for who you are, who you have been, and all you will become. Be unique, embrace it and celebrate it. At any time, you want to pinch or pull at yourself simply stop, acknowledge your spirits and values, and then give yourself a giant hug.

Know that you are more than enough!

About the Author

Katie Adams is from Memphis, TN. She currently attends college at the University of Memphis where she studies Dietetics. She became a volunteer with Renewed this past year with the intentions to be an uplifting and positive light for body image and those who may have suffered or are suferring from an eating disorder. Katie wishes to be a registered dietician in the future and believes writing for the Renewed blog gives her the ability to reach out to those in need and show an understanding for those who deserve it the most.