Topic Tuesday: Promises

“I Pledge to Love You” (By: Kelsey Albright)

Sometimes when we’re lost, we want to find a way out, yet we don’t know where to start. In today’s blog, I would like to share my personal pledge to myself that helped me find my way out. When we are low, we often fail to see that we can pull ourselves up and raise ourselves higher than we’ve ever been. We often rely on others to help us recover, but really the answers were within ourselves the whole time. Every time I start to slip back into my eating disorder, I repeat my promises to myself over and over until I am convinced that I will stand behind them. I’m sharing this in hopes that it can help someone else that struggles the way I do.

The following pledge is all of the things I promise to myself on a regular basis. Life tries to swallow me whole sometimes, but I never give up the fight. Eating disorders are tricky beasts that try to creep back into your life when you aren’t looking. Always keep your eyes open and pay attention to your signs and triggers. Be your strength, your warrior, your protector and your hero. You are everything beautiful and strong packed into human form.

 My Pledge to Myself:

I pledge to respect you at your best and at your worst

I pledge to take care of you and keep you safe

I pledge to not cause you harm and to keep you healthy

I pledge to do my best to see all of your beauty, inside and out

I pledge to love you to your very core in all of your forms

I pledge to forgive you when you fall

I pledge to pick you back up every single time

I pledge to honor you as my home

I pledge to never give up on you and never grow tired of fighting for you

And I pledge to appreciate all of the amazing things you’ve done for me

Don’t lose faith in yourself, and if you already have, faith in yourself can be created again. What you believe is what you perceive. Choose to believe in yourself for everything you’ve already gotten yourself through. Believe in the promises that you make to yourself and do your best to hold true to them.

About the Author

Kelsey has battled mental health issues since she was a child. After recovering from anorexia with the help of a wonderful life coach, she decided that she wanted to help others with these types of issues. She has a passion for healing through life coaching and energy work. Her hobbies include playing with her kids, being one with nature, writing and helping others.