Topic Tuesday: Recovery

Macie H“Sweet Spot” (By: Maci Hughlett)

“What’s your sweet spot?” This was a question posed by my pastor recently to the congregation in hopes of encouraging us to begin (or continue) volunteering within the church body and out in the community. Since he asked this I have been thinking quite a bit about where my gifts are and how I can use these gifts and the hurdles I’ve jumped through for the good of others.

One of my favorite places in this big, wide world is France. Drop me anywhere within this beautiful nation and I will be as giddy as a child in a candy store – even if I am simply confined to the airport walls. I am so thankful to have had the opportunities to spend quite a bit of time in France this past year and to have deep relationships there that I am looking forward to reconnecting. When in France, I see a lifetime of open doors leading up to the very moment the airplane touches the ground and from then on, I am at home. The people, the service I’ve been blessed to do there, the culture, and the almost infinite amounts of bread at every meal – all of these aspects and so much more have played major roles in accepting what has been laid down behind me and keeps me running towards the finish line. Serving the diverse communities in France is my calling; my sweet spot.

I ask everyone today to take a moment to ponder the question, “What is your sweet spot?” Maybe your spot is working with children or building birdhouses or painting incredible portraits or maybe something completely different. Whatever it is that makes your heart breathe for a moment as the world washes out of your mind – run towards this finishing mark. The activity, the hobby, the location, the people whom play a part in your carelessly forgetting about the eating disorder; this is your sweet spot. The moment your personal history lines up with forgetting about yourself and serving is the place you have been meant to stand up tall and shine.

If you are thinking how you do not know what your sweet spot is – believe me, you have one. Maybe you are unaware as to what it is yet but this could simply mean you are not meant to find it right now. Your story is being written each and every time you choose victory over defeat; strength over weakness; recovery over loss. And maybe just maybe, recovery is your very own sweet spot.

About the Author

Maci Hughlett is a girl on a mission. She loves Jesus, coffee, books, hiking, and sees everything as an adventure. Maci is studying at Johnson University with a double major in Bible & Theology and Human Services – Counseling. She is up for doing anything in life that will help people see the light and would love to use her testimony for the good of others. Maci is a Tennessee native, growing up in Knoxville and is always making trips up to Nashville to visit family. She has found recovery from a bulimia twice and plans to stand strong against any future temptation to fall into the food trap once more. Family, friends, and her local church have been such a blessing in her life, especially on the road of recovery and she cannot thank them enough. Blessings!