Topic Tuesday: Recovery

I Got It Back After 6 Years” (By: Becca Marks)

“It” being my period.

I never had a regular cycle when I was younger and once my eating disorder became full blown, I lost my period completely.

Transitioning from a place where I was so stringent about exercise and controlling my food intake to the place where I am now (able to enjoy and take rest days, live by a flexible diet and indulge a bit, actually loving and taking care of my body) has taken me YEARS. I’ve spent the past 6 months slowly reversing with my coach and reaching a caloric intake that I don’t think I’ve ever been at before. It’s been no easy journey. And you know what, getting my period yesterday is probably one of the greatest accomplishments I’ve ever had. I proved to myself that I’m doing something right and I’m getting better.

I thought I would always be this broken woman. No period. Not able to have kids. Not TRULY, FULLY considered HEALTHY. I would always joke about not having to deal with the pains of being a woman and how I was basically a dude because I didn’t get my cycle, but deep down it’s something that truly hurt me. To say that I was excited to actually get it yesterday is an understatement.

If not having a regular cycle (or the absence of one) is something you deal with, I highly recommend checking getting help from a qualified professional. Not having a period is a HUGE indicator that something could be wrong, so please do your research and take care of yourself!!

About the Author

Becca Marks is currently a Dietetics Major at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She competes in figure bodybuilding competitions and has a passion for nutrition.