Topic Tuesday: Recovery

“Butterfly” (By: Kelsey Albright)

You have the privilege of living this incredible life, on this amazing planet, in this truly flawless body. When we look around at the flowers or butterflies, we don’t think of their imperfections or “flaws”. We admire their beauty just as they are, although every single one of them are different. Your body is your own and it is a living masterpiece like the flowers and butterflies. There was a time when I couldn’t stand the sight of my own body, until I realized my uniqueness is what made me the beautiful masterpiece that I am.

“You do not just wake up and become the butterfly. Growth is a process” –Rupi Kaur

I understand how hard it is to see your true beauty when you struggle with an eating disorder. I didn’t simply wake up one morning, see my true beauty and overcome my eating disorder. It took years of hard work and determination to change my perspective. My loved ones expressed concern about my disorder several times, but I couldn’t fully recover until I was ready to. Healing is a journey and the journey is your own. No one else can recover or heal for you because the power to recover is within yourself.

The main things to understand are that you aren’t alone and recovery is always within reach. There are tons of amazing people out there equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you. The first step is having the courage to face your disorder head-on and recognize it for what it is, a disorder. Your true self is hiding underneath your disorder and is aching to be set free. Healing is simply one decision away from being reality.

It took me over a year to finally decide I was ready to recover. Deciding to begin my recovery journey was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had no idea how to love or appreciate myself when I began my journey. I had to come to the hard realization that growth truly is a process and it doesn’t occur overnight. I started as a caterpillar, but now I am forever a butterfly. Become the butterfly you were meant to be, beautiful soul.

About the Author

Kelsey has battled mental health issues since she was a child. After recovering from anorexia with the help of a wonderful life coach, she decided that she wanted to help others with these types of issues. She has a passion for healing through life coaching and energy work. Her hobbies include playing with her kids, being one with nature, writing and helping others.