Topic Tuesday: Relocating

“Relocating and Relapse” (By: Jeremy Sosnick)

Have you moved to a new home recently? If so, then the stress of that event is easy to recall but even if you haven’t, changing one’s residence brings with it challenges in the eating disorder space. Having recently gained new employment that requires me to move across the country, I can feel the temptation to fall back into old anorexic habits while I prepare for the relocation. However, there are ways to regain stability and get back into the groove of recovery with a bit of planning and special attention.

Packing Up A Plan

One thing I’ll certainly miss is the amazing work from Renewed – the groups, information, events, and the advocacy efforts they make. Taking inventory of valuables, shipping a car, and finding a place to live are certainly enough things to worry about but adding the question of what eating disorder support will look like in my new community can be overwhelming. When I originally moved to the Nashville area, I didn’t prioritize this important aspect of the process until much later and indeed relapsed for a brief time. This time, I’m packing a plan to go with my belongings:

1.) Insurance-Based Health Care Options: What sort of choices do I have here? Is treatment covered or would I need to go outside my network? Checking mental health coverage materials, both paper and online, can help guide the way.

2.) Support Groups: Is there another group that meets regularly? Using the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) website is a great place to start a search.

3.) Self-Care: This is a big one, especially if you’re already well into recovery. What recovery-centered habits can I continue to pursue? Are there any that may fall to the wayside? Quick ones like journaling/sketching and meditation are ones I prefer.

4.) Accountability: I am a strong advocate for having accountability, whether it’s through a group setting, a trusted friend or family member, or through a medical practitioner. Are there any viable options near my new home?

Embracing The Journey

One positive aspect of moving I am looking forward to is to take stock of all of the victories earned and the recovery growth I’ve made over the years. I can look back and see what sorts of techniques, skills, and viewpoints I am taking with me that have contributed towards my understanding of the illness. Moving is a lot of work but it can also be a great opportunity for growth. Now it’s a change I am prepared for and looking forward to strengthening my recovery.










Planning for one’s recovery is never old-fashioned! Make it a priority as you pack up your life for a move to a new location.

About the Author 

Jeremy Sosnick has dealt with anorexia for a number of years but has found stability in outpatient programs. He works in marketing and pursues his passion in black and white illustration during his free time.