The Importance of Resilience in Recovery(By: Peggy Miller)

2020 has had me thinking a lot about resiliency. The importance of remembering that today is not our forever. The importance of believing that how we feel in this moment does not define us or the rest of our lives. The importance of believing in our ability to grow and change.

While resiliency is important all throughout our lives, I think I truly learned the most about it through my own recovery process. Recovery taught me how important it was to step back and look at the bigger picture- every slip-up and every victory was all a part of recovery, of life. Every small victory in recovery reminded me that I could do hard things. Every slip-up reminded me I was not perfect and was not defined by my failures.

So, for whoever needs to hear this today-

How you feel about your body today is not how you will feel forever.

You can recover. Meal by meal, day by day- you can do hard things.

Today- whatever it has held- is not your forever.

And most importantly, practicing resilience in recovery has taught me to hope. And hope truly changes you- so cling to it, dear friend.

About the Author

Peggy Miller is currently a graduate student in Lipscomb University’s Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is thankful for all those who have supported and encouraged her in her own recovery journey, and she is passionate about spending her life holding hope for her own clients and walking with them on the beautiful and messy journey of healing. In her free time, Peggy enjoys spending time with her dog, family, and friends. She loves good coffee, hiking, ice cream, and hugs.