Topic Tuesday: Strength

“Forever a Warrior” (By: Kelsey Albright)

I came close to failing myself a few days ago. After working hard for years to beat it, my eating disorder tried to make a surprise appearance. I was hard on myself all day and couldn’t seem to force myself to see beauty in the mirror. I wondered why this was happening all of a sudden, but then I figured it out. I hadn’t shown myself the appropriate amount of love in a while, the love that I fought to build up and the love I rightfully deserve.

I wasted a whole day allowing my mind to think terrible thoughts before I found the strength to fight back. I guess 1 day isn’t too terrible compared to the years I spent battling this before. It took me back to a place in my mind that I never wanted to visit again. While I was down in that low place again, I realized that it was on me to forcefully pull myself back up. Therefore, I did it, I fought my own thoughts and saved myself once more.

I’m sharing this because I want everyone to understand that we sometimes fall back into things we already fought to climb out of. When you have an eating disorder, or really any type of mental health issue, there will be times that you slip. What’s important is how you handle it and how you choose to recover from it. I made a decision to shut down all the negative thoughts and to choose positive thoughts instead.

The main thing to realize in these moments is that we all hold an incredible amount of strength inside of us. As humans, we are so beautifully resilient and capable of overcoming any challenge thrown our way. If you are actively struggling or if you have these moments like me, I encourage you to find that strength inside of yourself and rely on that strength to pull yourself up. Open your mind to the realization that you are everything beautiful and strong in this world. You hold the shield and the sword, the lock and the key.

You are forever a warrior. You can rise up again and again because you hold the power.

About the Author

Kelsey has battled mental health issues since she was a child. After recovering from anorexia with the help of a wonderful life coach, she decided that she wanted to help others with these types of issues. She has a passion for healing through life coaching and energy work. Her hobbies include playing with her kids, being one with nature, writing and helping others.