Topic Tuesday: Strength

“You Are the Image of Strength” (By: Kelsey Albright)

A few years ago, my hair was so brittle that it constantly broke off, my skin was starting to turn gray, my eyes looked like I hadn’t slept in weeks and you could see almost every bone through my skin. I had turned into a tiny, frail, malnourished version of myself. Everyone kept telling me that I had a problem, but I didn’t see it for a long time. I was blinded by my eating disorder and unable to see what others saw. I would get irritated when people wanted to help me, as I didn’t think I needed help.

A few years later, here I am trying to help other people with the same problem I had. Many individuals think it’s as simple as deciding to not have the problem anymore and to simply start eating an appropriate amount. It’s not that simple when you’re the one with the eating disorder because you don’t see what others see. It’s almost like your eating disorder locks your mind in a cage and doesn’t allow your eyes to see the real you.

I’m finally at a point in life where I can look back and appreciate my struggle for what it was. It was I that had the courage to heal myself and to choose a different path. It was I that faced my problem head-on and conquered it without breaking. Recovering wasn’t something that someone else could do for me, although a few beautiful people did help me along the way. I was the warrior that bravely fought my battle and I was the champion that prevailed.

We wouldn’t know true strength if life was always a walk in the park. Strength is the outcome of overcoming challenges and being courageous enough to face our fears. Strength is trusting yourself enough to pull yourself through anything and everything life throws at you. I found my strength when I decided to choose myself over my eating disorder. There were and still are times when my disorder tries to take over again, but I build my strength every time I continue to choose myself, my health and my happiness.

If you are reading this because you suffer or used to suffer from an eating disorder, know that you are strong. Whether you have recovered or are wanting to recover, you are the hero in your story. You can conquer anything you set your mind to. Every step forward that you take, regardless of how large or small the step is, is a step closer to a healthier, happier you. I hope that you see how truly beautiful you are in your purest, most natural form. Keep fighting and never give up, you beautiful warriors.

About the Author

Kelsey has battled mental health issues since she was a child. After recovering from anorexia with the help of a wonderful life coach, she decided that she wanted to help others with these types of issues. She has a passion for healing through life coaching and energy work. Her hobbies include playing with her kids, being one with nature, writing and helping others.