Topic Tuesday: Worth

“The Road to Recovery”  (By: Elizabeth Jordan)

I was reading a bloge jordan picture the other day called, “Understanding One’s Worth: A Cornerstone of Recovery from Eating Disorders and Other Mental and Emotional Illness by Dr. Michael E. Berrett (I will post the link to the blog at the bottom in case you are interested reading it for yourself). In this blog, Dr. Berrett covered a wide range of reasons why someone may go into recovery. However, the main point he focused on was the “realization that one sees beyond what is present and acknowledges a worth that is possible and present”. So, this made me question why we in fact go into recovery. When I say “recovery”, I am not just talking about those with eating disorders; I am talking about a wide range of issues that are detremental to the human life, such as, drug addiction or acholism.

So, why do we go into recovery? Obviously, we go into recovery, because there is some sort of physical need. However, I think recovery goes beyond that obvious observation. For me, I was placed in the hospital, because my eating disorder was at a point where it could take my life. However, my recovery did not begin when I entered into the hospital; my recovery began two weeks into the hosptal when I began to realize the possibiltes that my life could have. I was shaken by my cirsumstance and was ready to take my life back and release myself of this diesease that had it’s grip on me for so long.

Dr. Michael E. Berret said, “ the word recovery means to bring back that which was lost”. Furthermore, “Gaining a sense, an understanding, and even a sure knowledge of one’s self worth is a process which is very gradual.” This is something to always remember; change like that does not happen over night. In my case, I had lost my hope in life and what it could be. It was a process to slowly begin to bring those elements of my life back into play,  but it is a process I would do a million times over because of the transformation that has takin place in my life. I am grateful for all who helped me realize my potential. Once you begin to understand your self-worth, you can then forsee the future that could be.

So, if I had words for anyone who is dealing with an illness or addiction of some kind, I would encourage you to step back, breathe deep, and remember who you are. You are not your disease or the circumstances that brought you to where you are. You are a human who has been given the opportunity to live. I encourage you to do so as you dig deep and begin to see your own self-worth; through that you can truly begin to walk on the road to recovery.

Here is the link to Dr. Michael E. Berrett’s blog in case you would like to read it for yourself.

About the Author

Elizabeth Jordan is a junior at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee. She is a Worship Arts major and Social Work minor. She was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at the age of thirteen. Her experience with the illness has created in her a passion to work and help others dealing with similar circumstances. She plans on using her degrees to focus on the issue of eating disorders and assure that the truth is always communicated and lives are transformed and changed. Also, her hope is that she can somehow intertwine her passion for leading worship with her passion for helping others who are enveloped in this life-threatening illness or who are in danger of its development in their life.