Topic Tuesday: Beauty

Macie H“What is Beauty?” (By: Maci Hughlett)

What Beauty is Not…

Beauty is not gossip.
Beauty is not waiting amongst lustful daydreams for the guy or girl to text you first.
Beauty is not a fake face.
Beauty is not thinking less of your self-worth.
Beauty is not in possessions or the lack there of.
Beauty is not injustice.
Beauty is not one’s personal anger-filled motives.
Beauty is not prideful or self-seeking.
Beauty is not on a scale.
Beauty is not busyness or slothfulness.

What Beauty is…

Beauty is a kind word.
Beauty is jumping head-first into your passions.
Beauty is tear drops and forgiveness.
Beauty is thinking of your fearfully beautiful self less.
Beauty is in seeking peace and joy in all circumstances.
Beauty is grace, justice, and mercy.
Beauty is laying down one’s life for a friend – or an enemy.
Beauty is being content in the moment.
Beauty is all encompassing in our surroundings.
Beauty is in action and in rest.

About the Author

Maci Hughlett is a girl on a mission. She loves Jesus, coffee, books, hiking, and sees everything as an adventure. Maci is studying at Johnson University with a double major in Bible & Theology and Human Services – Counseling. She is up for doing anything in life that will help people see the light and would love to use her testimony for the good of others. Maci is a Tennessee native, growing up in Knoxville and is always making trips up to Nashville to visit family. She has found recovery from a bulimia twice and plans to stand strong against any future temptation to fall into the food trap once more. Family, friends, and her local church have been such a blessing in her life, especially on the road of recovery and she cannot thank them enough. Blessings!