Topic Tuesday: Purpose

Macie H“Purpose in the Pain” (By: Maci Hughlett)

You have or have had an eating disorder for a reason and the purpose is beautiful beyond all imagination.

Eating disorders are as ugly as it can get and the very idea of walking through this valley is a taboo subject in most cultural settings. The world does not want to know the truth of the reality we all live in: eating disorders exist and we need help. So how can an eating disorder be beautiful if it is thrown under the rug at a mere thought of the subject?

While struggling with disordered eating in recent years, a search for beauty and acceptance was a driving force in this personal struggle. There was little hope left in my eyes in the thick of the disorder but one thing did remain: purpose. Eating disorders tear away at the very being of a person and the monstrous gripping of the disorder take over one’s complete thought process. Though you may not feel it, your purpose is still there. And if your life purpose is one of the only blessing from Above incapable of being stolen from you, beauty flows from the very disorder itself.

Purpose is not an end goal. Purpose is a continual blessing of being right where you are, and when you do get to go forward, using the lessons from the past to aid others in the future. Your purpose will in turn help others who are going through struggles themselves as part of accomplishing their purposes in life. Part of the beautiful reason you were put here on this earth is to fight this battle of an eating disorder and pushing forward to the upward goal. Your eating disorder is a beautiful blessing because it is your purpose that is fighting to overcome – and that, my dear, is quite incredible.

About the Author

Maci Hughlett is a girl on a mission. She loves Jesus, coffee, books, hiking, and sees everything as an adventure. Maci is studying at Johnson University with a double major in Bible & Theology and Human Services – Counseling. She is up for doing anything in life that will help people see the light and would love to use her testimony for the good of others. Maci is a Tennessee native, growing up in Knoxville and is always making trips up to Nashville to visit family. She has found recovery from a bulimia twice and plans to stand strong against any future temptation to fall into the food trap once more. Family, friends, and her local church have been such a blessing in her life, especially on the road of recovery and she cannot thank them enough. Blessings!