Topic Tuesday: Self-Love

“To My Body” (By: Katie Adams)

I decided to write you a poem

So please listen closely

I wish to say some things to you

For once, its kind words only.


Now that you can hear me

I want to say I’m sorry,

For all the pain I once caused you

When I hated my own body.


Please don’t worry about those things I said

just forget it ever happened,

Forget all the names I ever called you

For a stomach I wanted flattened.


I know I was hard on you

But today I’m finally free,

I’m healing every day and finding

All the things I’ve never seen.


At one point I didn’t have confidence

Or a satisfaction guarantee,

I’d never looked at myself in the mirror

Without bullying my own body.


From crying in retail dressing rooms,

And going days without a lunch

I pretended like all this was okay

As I took every single punch.


A mind that would beat itself up,

Even at times when I needed a hug

But I couldn’t find kind words for myself

I felt my body wasn’t loved.


Today I’m free from all the hurt

I’ve recovered from all these memories,

Now I realize that loving yourself

can be your greatest accessory.


So to my body, I apologize

I’ve accepted your imperfections

I promise to stop being so negative towards

What I see in my reflection.


Since this is the only body I’ve got for the rest of my life

I promise I’ll stop wishing parts of it away;

No longer will I let my body go hungry,

or feel discomfort because of weight.


today I’ve chosen to finally be happy,

With what I see in the mirror

And I’ve chosen to appreciate my body

Without having to skip my dinner.


I desire to be a friend to my body

As I never wanted to be it’s enemy

So as I’ve healed I’ve thrown aside

Any sources that brought me jealousy.


Magazines of models and the clothes that fit too tight

I threw them all away,

The foods I feared, the hunger I felt

And numbers on the scale have been erased.


So if my body’s listening, I hope it knows it’s worth

Could not ever be defined from a size, a number

Or place on this earth.


If my body’s still listening, just remember to stay strong

And keep looking for a little confidence

In a world where it can feel wronged.


And if society’s standards shout at you, fight back with all your own

Remind yourself your body is valued

For more than skin and bones.


So I’d like to say thank you to my body,

for all it has fought for me,

every day it has stayed strong

and today, I’m finally free.


About the Author

Katie Adams is from Memphis, TN. She currently attends college at the University of Memphis where she studies Dietetics. She became a volunteer with Renewed this past year with the intentions to be an uplifting and positive light for body image and those who may have suffered or are suferring from an eating disorder. Katie wishes to be a registered dietician in the future and believes writing for the Renewed blog gives her the ability to reach out to those in need and show an understanding for those who deserve it the most.